Still single? Here are some tips to get your dating game back

Still single? Here are some tips to get your dating game back

July 22, 2019

The evolution of dating in this modern digital age is an ever changing ball game, we have gone from dinner dates to a casual swipe on tinder to netflix and chill. A lot of us at some stage or another seem to seek that someone special and others are happy to explore the world for what it has to offer, either way asking yourself what you really want is the first top tip!

Make yourself available - 
Putting yourself in postions where you are more likely to meet people is key to finding your next relationship. This can mean a couple of extra swipes on Tinder, approaching that person you like and saying 'hey' or just simply letting your friends know you are back on the dating scene. The later may lead to you going on a dreaded blind date, but YOLO so go for it!

Sign up to a dating site - 
Might sound simple and pretty obvious but if you are single and not signed up to a dating site you are really shooting yourself in the foot. In the past decades the majority of new couples have met through online dating services, it's so fast and simple to hook up on the web. 

If you’re unsure of one night stand apps such as Bumble or Tinder, there are a lot of other serious dating sites tailored for your interests, demograph and niche out there. They are fun and easy to use, you can meet like-minded people on these matchmaking sites. 

First Impressions -
So you have met someone on a matachmaker site and are ready to meet them, where do you go? what are good dating behaviours?. These are important things to think about becasue usually if the first date doesn't go well it's rare there would be another, but fear not follow these rules and you will be fine;

x Meet at a place where you can talk in a relaxed environment

x Be confident (talk clearly, maintain eye contact)

x Be inerested in wht they do and like ot do

x Don't be texting on you

x Offer to share the bill

If you can work on some of the above i'm sure you won't be lonely in 2020 ;) Watch out for more articles.

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